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Storm Surge & Wind Data

Q-risq Analytics uses distributed geospatial analytics engines on big data to provide precise storm surge and wind risk analysis — before and after a storm.


Q-risq Analytics patented process equips you with site specific pre- and post-storm analysis, so you know what could happen, how to assess damage, and how to recover faster.

Prior to Landfall

Days before landfall, the Q-risq Analytics team is working at full capacity, continuously monitoring the storm’s track and intensity to provide location specific wind and surge forecast data.


Post-Event Analysis

Once the storm has made landfall, Q-risq Analytics focuses on creating a report of the storm’s impact. Maximum sustained winds, storm surge, and accumulated rainfall are displayed for each address.


Our Services

Knowledge is power. Know what to expect before a storm makes landfall; afterward, understand the impact of winds and storm surge with data from Q-risq Analytics.

Track Storm Activity

Stay current on storm activity with the National Hurricane Center’s up-to-date weather information for tropical storms and hurricanes.

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