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Get Personalized Hurricane Impact Information

Existing forecasting methods don’t tell you how the storm will impact your property. Our proprietary technology provides precise storm impact information customized for your specific address.

This allows the government to properly stage resources and respond appropriately, the insurance industry to concentrate assets for faster claim services, and a homeowner to take proactive measures to protect their property and/or evacuate and have the information they need to file an insurance claim.


What if you knew this was heading toward your home?

Our web app is built with homeowners in mind. Q-risq’s information is specific to your address. Be notified in advance to properly prepare.


What if Q-risq Analytics could answer:

What areas will be affected? What will be the surge and winds? When will they begin? Where to stage? How will the storm impact individuals and communities?


What if you could connect with the insured before the storm?

Which PIFs will be affected by winds and surge? Send alerts and instructions to mitigate damage. Streamline claims processing after landfall.


Prior to Landfall

Days before landfall, the Q-risq Analytics team is working at full capacity, continuously monitoring the storm’s track and intensity to provide location specific wind and surge forecast data.


Post-Event Analysis

Once the storm has made landfall, Q-risq Analytics focuses on creating an address specific report of the storm’s impact. Maximum sustained winds, storm surge, and accumulated rainfall are displayed for your property.

Our Services

Knowledge is power. Know what to expect before a storm makes landfall; afterward, understand the impact of winds and storm surge with data from Q-risq Analytics.

Track Storm Activity

Stay current on storm activity with the National Hurricane Center’s up-to-date weather information for tropical storms and hurricanes.

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